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Brazing Copper Fittings Has Never Been Simpler

Once the Brazing Dimpler® has been set for the particular thickness of the pipe or fitting at hand, it consistently makes a dimple of the same size and depth every time you use it. Just insert the fitting into the jaws of our product to the preferred depth and squeeze for easy dimple creation. Once the dimple has been created, the tube will stop at the dimple and stay there, which makes the entire brazing process easier and the joint itself more secure. It isn't necessary to make the impression as deep as the ridge on the fitting itself, since the clearance between the tube and the fitting is not more than 0.010 inches

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If the height of the protrusion is not adequate for your purposes, adjust the set screw slightly, approximately one-eighth of a turn. Since the set screw on the Brazing Dimpler® has a 1/4-20 thread pitch, each full turn will increase the height of the protrusion 1/20th of an inch. Previous versions of the Dimpler has a locking nut to hold the set screw in place, but the current models have a sufficiently tight fit that the set screw will not move once it is adjusted. Once the depth of the impression is set, adjust the insertion depth so that the dimple is at least three times the thickness of the thinner member of the two pipes in the fitting. You can also dimple the tube outward instead of creating an inward impression if it's more convenient and relevant to the project you're currently working on. 

Completely Adjustable for Your Convenience

Overly large dimples increase the likelihood that you will distort the fitting making insertion of the tube difficult, On the other hand, producing a minor distortion of the fitting through the creation of a large dimple can also make it easier to hold the fitting in place after assembly, especially with elbows. It is recommended that three dimples be made around the fitting to ensure that fitting is stopped and held at exactly the proper depth you're seeking.

Automated Brazing Dimpler<sup>®</sup>

Learn how the automated dimpler works

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Check out some additional technical information on the various benefits of using the products offered by our company, Brazing Dimpler® Corporation in Greensboro, North Carolina. You should never use the Brazing Dimpler® for any fitting that's going to be soldered instead of brazed. Solder melts at approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit and nearly all braze metals melts only at temperatures above 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what makes the brazing process nearly eight times stronger than soldering and why it's possible to shorten up the depth of a fitting when brazing a joint without compromising its strength.