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Make brazed joints in copper tube better, faster and more reliable.
Brazing Dimpler -- The Brazer's Friend!
Brazing is Simpler
with the Dimpler!
You can make brazed joints in copper tube piping systems faster, better and at lower cost while improving joint quality and performance by using the Brazing Dimpler.

Most brazing of copper is done using fittings that are designed for soldering. As a result, the socket depth is about two-thirds of the diameter of the tube. You need that overlap when using solder, but when you braze, all you need is for the tube to be inserted two times the thickness of the tube to develop a joint that is as strong as the tube itself.

MODEL III -- NOW WORKS ON TUBE AS SMALL AS 1/2 INCH AND HAS AN ADJUSTABLE DEPTH STOP! Learn about it and buy it here. MODEL II -- Heavier duty unit recommended where most of the work will be on 1 in inch tube and larger
Brazing Dimpler is a patented tool that reduces the depth of insertion by making a dimple in the fitting that limits the depth that the tube can be inserted to significantly less than that of the solder joint fitting. By reducing the depth, the overlap is reduced, making it easier and faster to braze the joint properly – and it reduces the amount of braze metal that is needed.
The latest development is the Automated Brazing Dimpler. Dimple fittings in seconds using compressed air to form the dimple. Fully adjustable to allow depth to be controlled for fittings up to 8 inch size and 0.180 inch wall thickness.