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The Brazing Dimpler® assists in creating the perfect fittings for brazed joints, saving brazers both time and resources. Our brazing tool lets you choose and set the perfect depth of any fitting in the shop or in the field. Brazing Dimpler® Corporation's product has been very successful in modifying copper fittings up to a certain thickness, but it's a challenge to adequately create dimples on heavier ones. This led to the invention of the Automated Brazing Dimpler® in 2009 in order to speed up and ease this part of the process for our customers. By attaching a compressed air supply to the Automated Brazing Dimpler® and adjusting the depth and the set-back distance of the dimple, a fitting that's up to one-fourth of an inch thick can be modified from a solder-joint to a brazed-joint fitting in 30 seconds or less.

Brazing Process

We use our tool to save time and money on your next braze welding job around Greensboro, North Carolina. The Brazing Dimpler® is the ideal way to form joints when brazing metal piping.

Our Products
Rotating the Nut In Dimpler Surface

Make brazed joints that you and your customers can depend on with the Brazing Dimpler®. We've been featured in a variety of engineering magazines and technical publications.

Brazing the Copper Tube

Through our innovative dimple creation process, you get the perfect depth and fit for brazing copper joints. Our product is extremely easy to use throughout the brazing process.

How It Works

New Product!

ASME B16.18 Cast Lead-Free Coupling

This 1-1/2 inch ASME B16.18 cast lead-free coupling is alloyed with silicon which makes soldering it a challenge. See if your solderers can make a good joint before letting them solder valves into a piping system.

Our Products

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